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From the moment she laid her eyes on the stunning wonderland of Sumba, Phangsanny was completely encaptured and enchanted by its beauteous magic. It were the majesty of the endless hills, its jewel-blue streams, the grandeur of its mountains and its gorgeous nature as a whole that convinced her that it all seemed as if mother nature's brilliance was poured into that island. Aside from that, its unique cultures and remarkable people of Sumba also became one of the first stepping stones of the birth of Phangsanny's deluxe line Terbuai. This Prêt-à-Porter fashion line focuses on handwoven Sumbanese cloth (originally named "tenun ikat"). These cloths are specially made by the skilled hands of the local Sumbanese people, taking several months (sometimes even up to a year) until its ending magical touch was added. In a single production procedure, only 4 "liran"s are made in order to assemble a high-quality result. Meanwhile, 4 "liran"s can be used to construct only 2 cloth pieces, thus making Terbuai's products very special and limited. Since the whole process of production is ancestral and handmade, yarns are sometimes still spun traditionally by the local people. The smaller and more intricate the motives are, the longer the production takes, same goes with the number of colors used. To make a single color come out beautifully, the handwoven cloths need to be dipped several times as this will ensure a great result. The name "tenun ikat" derived from the way the motives are ought to be tied up using leaves to ensure a waterproof skin once the cloth is dipped inside the natural dye.



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